School Phone: (904) 287-8081
School Fax: (904) 287-4574
Extended Day: (904) 287-9756
Church Office: (904) 287-0519
Finance Office: (904) 230-9091
Email: [email protected]
Reporting Misconduct


Director of Early Childhood Ed

Pastor Father John Tetlow [email protected]
Parochial Vicar Rev. Pally Dilip Chakarvarthi, M.S.F.S.
Principal Mr. Michael Masi [email protected]
Director of Early Childhood Ed Mrs. Sheri Bless [email protected]
School Secretary Mrs. Janice Clark [email protected]
Church Secretary Mrs. Kathy Vinski [email protected]
Bookkeeper Mrs. Ann Henderson [email protected]
School Office Assistant Mrs. Maureen Morales [email protected]
Extended Day Director Mrs. Rosemary Borawski [email protected]
Kitchen Manager Mrs. Colleen Bucca [email protected]


Pre-K3 (PK3B) Mrs. Sheri Bless [email protected]
Pre-K3 (PK3D) Mrs. Kim Dziedziejko [email protected]
Pre-K4 (PK4G) Mrs. Lisa Griffin [email protected]
Pre-K4 (PK4R) Mrs. Kathleen Robinson [email protected]
Kindergarten (KW) Mrs. Alison Willen [email protected]
Kindergarten (KL) Mrs. Coleen Lupinski [email protected]
1st Grade (1L) Ms. Marjorie Leidner [email protected]
1st Grade (1S) Mrs. Jennifer Studer [email protected]
2nd Grade (2C) Ms. Rebecca Clinger [email protected]
2nd Grade (2W) Mrs. Patrice Wood [email protected]
3rd Grade (3C) Mrs. Melanie Csorba  [email protected]
3rd Grade (3W) Mrs. Stephanie Ward [email protected]
4th Grade (4M) Mrs. Katie Lynn McMahon [email protected]
4th Grade (4S) Mrs. Sharon Sullivan [email protected]
5th Grade (5E) Mrs. Maura England [email protected]
5th Grade (5S) Ms. Lydia Schellenberg [email protected]rschool.org
6th Grade (6C) Mrs. Kara Coffey [email protected]
6th Grade (6F) Mrs. Ginny Faherty [email protected]
7th Grade (7J) Mrs. Janet Jones [email protected]
7th Grade (7P) Mrs. Anne Provenza [email protected]
8th Grade (8H) Mr. Peter Haroldson [email protected]
8th Grade (8S) Mrs. Katie Sites [email protected]
Media/Technology (1-4) Mrs. Jennifer Galan [email protected]
Technology (5-8)/IT Mr. Peter Haroldson [email protected]
Art Mrs. Kim Sloan [email protected]
Music Mr. Jeremy McKinnies [email protected]
Guidance Mrs. April Bradley [email protected]
Learning Support Mrs. Lori Hill [email protected]
Learning Support Mrs. Cathy Thompson [email protected]
P.E. Mr. Pete Wolf [email protected]

Teacher Aides:

PK3B Mrs. Kari Stisser
PK3D Mrs. JoAnn Dietz
PK4R Mrs. Aimee Miles
PK4G Ms. Maureen Trovato
KW Mrs. Jackie Solis
KL Mrs. Elizabeth McEnany
1st Grade and 2nd Grade: Mrs. Christina Rogero
3rd Grade and 4th Grade: Mrs. Nardine Himes
5th Grade thru 8th Grade: Mrs. Suzanne Lehmann/Mrs. Suzy McDonald