Learning Enrichment

photo-3The students within the Enrichment Program receive supplementary educational opportunities to advance their academic gifts.   A combination of teacher recommendations, previous standardized tests and report cards as well as IQ tests are compiled from each student in order to be enrolled within this program.

Jennifer Swain serves as the coordinator and educator for the Enrichment Program.  She has been in education for the past 18 years, and has Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of North Florida.  Prior to San Juan Del Rio, Mrs. Swain worked within St. Johns County serving as a Gifted Resource Teacher.

Students in the Enrichment Program are pulled out of the claphotossroom twice a week for approximately one hour time periods.  The lessons focus on Language Arts, including reading, writing, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.  Math lessons are also incorporated into the sessions.  Students are instructed through higher levels of thinking, causing them to analyze and use critical thinking skills.  They complete research, projects, novel studies, etc.  The regular classroom teachers use the completed Enrichment Program work to help with evaluations for report cards.

Mrs. Swain’s goal is to provide the students with appropriate learning challenges and a better appreciation and love for school.