Uniform code

Wearing the SJDR School uniform is a matter of pride. The San Juan del Rio uniform can be purchased at the North Florida Uniform Store at 11481 Old St. Augustine Road, Ste. 301, Jacksonville, Florida 32258. (904) 288-8839. The school uniform code regulations are to be adhered to daily and the students should observe the uniform code at all times when on school grounds. Shirts are to be tucked in and shoes tied at all times. A note from the parent and/or child’s physician is to be sent to the school if any exceptions are to be given to the school uniform policy. Please label all clothing, lunchboxes, and water bottles. Parents will be contacted if students are not in proper uniform.

The detailed Uniform Code may be found in the Parent-Student Handbook on this website.  Click on Parents –> Parent Student Handbook.

Our HSA coordinates the used uniform program.  To see the current stock of used uniforms, click here.  For the used uniform price list, please click here.  Have a question?  Click here to get contact information and FAQs!

For the San Juan Del Rio mission wear, please click here.