E-Reader Policy

ereaderPer the Parent/Student Handbook:

At the principal’s discretion, various types of e-readers may be used while at school for the sole purpose of reading books. The use of such devices is a privilege. These devices may not be used to access the Internet through a cellular network or Wi-Fi network. Unauthorized use which disrupts the learning environment will result in school officials taking the device away from the student and said privilege being revoked.

Use of this device at school puts the device at great risk of being lost, stolen or damaged. A release of liability form, signed by both student and parent, must be on file in the school office before the device is brought to school. San Juan del Rio School and its employees are not responsible for the expense arising out of any liability or claim of liability for damage, theft, or loss to such equipment or property.

San Juan Del Rio welcomes the use of these devices as educational tools so long as students understand that they are to be used as just that while at school. Unauthorized use would include accessing any applications that may be present on the e-reader platform. These must be deleted or locked out by the parent before the student will be approved to use the platform here at school.

Presently there is no Wi-Fi on the campus at SJDR so students will not be able to connect to a wireless network however, if a student has a device which has 3G capability that too must be turned off and locked so that students will not have access to the internet through 3G.

A waiver form must be signed by the student and parent. If your son or daughter would like to use an e-reader at school please download the waiver form, print it and return it to the school office. The student will be asked to bring the e-reader in for confirmation that it is in compliance with our policy. At that time, the principal will approve or return the device with instructions on what need to be done to bring it in to compliance.