School and Athletic Spirit Wear Store Open until 10pm on Tues 8/23

Both stores will close on Tuesday August 23rd at 10pm in order to guarantee all items will be handed out for students to wear on the first Spirit Wear day – Monday September 12th!

Athletic Store – Click here to access this store!
Does your child love Athletics or more specifically Basketball or Cheerleading?  Items purchased at this store can be worn to sporting competitions/games or at any of the Spirit Wear/Pep Rally days.  There are items that say Saints Athletics, Saints Basketball, and Saints Cheer.
Our fall Pep Rally for Basketball, Cheer, and Cross Country will be on Monday September 12th at 2pm in the Courtyard!  The entire school will be ‘decked out’ in apparel to support our teams!

General School Store – Click here to access this store!
In this store you can find all kinds of apparel, water bottles, magnets, bags, and much more!  This is the store to purchase Mission T-shirts for the monthly Mission T-shirt day!
The first Mission T-shirt Day is Friday September 30th. These items can also be worn on Spirit Wear days.

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