Student Government (SGA)

 San Juan del Rio Student Government Association (SGA) 

The purpose of the San Juan SGA is to represent all the students in the school and provide them with an opportunity to become involved in the affairs of our school.  The officers and class representatives work in a partnership with the administration, faculty, and students to create an atmosphere that best lives out our school mission.

The junior high students are elected by their peers to serve in the six officer positions.  Each class, beginning in grade three, has an elected class representative that attends the quarterly meetings and shares classroom concerns.  The officers will then take the ideas/concerns to the administration for discussion.

In our first year at San Juan, we had a bake sale to raise money for Catholic Schools Week bracelets that each student received.   SGA made signs, helped organize the opening ceremony of CSW, and shared with the church and school community in Mass.

The elections for the Officer’s for next year will take place in the Spring.