Learning Support

There are many different ways students at San Juan del Rio Catholic School receive learning support throughout their day.  Our teachers are very proficient at teaching to all levels, however, there are times when additional support is needed.  In the lower grades, students who are struggling in reading are identified through our assessments in Kindergarten and First grade.  These students receive support through small group or individual instruction both in and out of the classroom setting.   If there continues to be a need for interventions, a Student Support Plan is written identifying the strategies that will help the student achieve success.

Picture of Mrs. Hill with a student

In third, fourth, and fifth grades, students typically remain in their classroom, but may still receive direct support from the learning resource teacher, as well as learning strategies implemented by the classroom teacher.

Once the students enter middle school, a transition from direct support to student consultation occurs.  We encourage our students to utilize self advocacy skills by initiating their learning strategies such as asking for copies of notes, extended time on a test, or taking their tests in a smaller setting.  These strategies are given once an official educational evaluation has taken place and appropriate documentation has been submitted.

We work very closely with St. Johns County and are able to offer Speech and Language Therapy services on our campus to students with an active Service Plan.  We offer Occupational Therapy through a local private facility.

Mrs. Lori Hill is our learning support teacher.  She has a Masters degree in Varying Exceptionalities, specializing in Learning Disabilities and Emotional Handicaps.  Prior to teaching at San Juan del Rio, she serviced students with learning disabilities in Palm Beach County as well as served as an ESE coordinator for an Elementary School.

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.” – George Evans