Calling all Runners!

Running Club

Calling All Runners!

Running Club at SJDR School is a fun, community building way for students to stay active. The students learn about the importance of warming up and cooling down. They participate in games that build running skills, such as endurance, aerobic capacity, and sprinting vs. pacing. More importantly, the runners come together each week to learn about teamwork, community building, and the joy of running with friends! These are lifelong skills!

This is an after school activity designed for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade. We will meet once a week after carline until 4:00 beginning Monday, Dec. 1st. All participants must have a CATHOLIC GRADE SCHOOL SPORTS PHYSICAL FORM (both pages) turned in to the main office. Also, please return the Running Club Registration Form to the school office to participate. See the school website for the proper forms. When turning in any paperwork, please have your child’s name written on an envelope with the paperwork inside.