Yearbook Club

San Juan del Rio Yearbook Club

The purpose of this club is to provide junior high students with the opportunity to assist in creating THEIR yearbook, as well as, to teach valuable skills such as photography, design, and elements of journalism that they can carry with them to high school and beyond.

Meetings would ideally be held once a month from October until January, then weekly in February and March.  The meeting length would be one hour and would ideally be in a classroom.  No schools computers would be needed.

Meeting topics:

October – Theme

November – Cover Design

December – Design Skills

January – Photography

February & March –

Weekly meetings would reflect different spreads that the students would be helping to create – such as Eighth Grade superlatives, sports, and clubs.

The overall goal of the club is that the end product of the San Juan yearbook would be something that the students would feel proud of because they helped create it.  It would reflect both their creativity, as well as their spirituality.