SGA Rules For Campaigning

Rules for Campaigning in SGA Elections


  1. Every candidate will be required to give a speech. Do not exceed 90 seconds. Speak only of one’s own qualities. Do not put down any other candidate.
  2. Mrs. Richie must approve speeches two-days prior.
  3. Each candidate must have a poster that will be displayed during his/her speech.

Campaign Week: May 11- May 22. Speeches will be May 20th, in the church, after Mass.

  1. All posters must be approved and positive.
  2. Anyone caught defacing another’s poster will be disqualified.
  3. Obtain teacher’s permission before hanging a poster in a classroom.
  4. Posters are allowed in the cafeteria and classrooms with teacher permission.
  5. Posters may go up at 7:30 Monday, May 11 but must be completely removed by 3:00 Friday, May 22.
  6. Be enthusiastic, thoughtful, positive and creative!
  7. You may not hand out gifts…(candy, pencils, buttons, etc,) or campaign stickers.